Counselling can take many forms and is dependent upon your needs.  Most counselling takes place on a regular basis with session which last around 50 minutes.  You may see a counsellor on your own as a couple or a family and it is dependent upon your individual circumstances and will be agreed between yourself and your counsellor.

During a session your counsellor may take you through specific exercises designed to help with your problem or you might have more general discussions about how you’re feeling.  What you talk about will vary depend on what you want help with.  It may include help with your relationships, your childhood, your feelings, your behaviour, past and present life events and situations you find difficult.

What can I expect if I receive counselling?

  • You can expect your counsellor to be empathic and impartial, someone who will listen without judgment and help you explore your thoughts and feelings.
  • Your counsellor is likely to want to spend some time making sure you feel at ease before taking a history of the difficulties you’re experiencing or they may want you to just ‘tell your story’.  In this way, you will have an opportunity to tell the counsellor about what is troubling you.

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