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We consistently receive positive feedback from our clients.  We encourage our clients to offer us feedback using a range of methods and always strive to develop and improve our service.

"My therapy sessions with Alex really helped me overcome my social anxiety. He was very supportive and encouraging and showed me ways to tackle my anxiety. He was always positive that there was a way through, which helped me stay positive. Alex was available in person and also over zoom, I would highly recommend him to anyone struggling with anxiety issues."


“I would strongly recommend Alex if you are suffering from anxiety, panic attacks or, if life just feels very overwhelming for you at the moment. I took my time in choosing a therapist locally, which was hard as there are quite a few, but Alex stood out as he is clinically trained as a nurse and in CBT. The face to face sessions were great, well structured with a clear purpose of what we were going to do and I could tell after the first session this was going to help, and after a few sessions the brain fog was lifting and things were making sense. If I need booster sessions I know I can rebook back in with Alex again too. My thanks again Alex”.


Thank you for everything - for keeping me going at my lowest points, for keeping me alive and for just listening and understanding.


I just wanted to thank you once again for all of your work with my daughter, this time last year. Those were scary times for all of us and she is now in such a better place working, socialising and growing in confidence. Your kindness, professionalism and advice were central to where she is today. Our family will be forever grateful.


Mari: " I would just like to thank you for all you have done for our son over the last few months. He is a totally different boy and back to his old self. He is really positive about his future and has learnt to share his feelings and talk openly with us. He has really come a long way"

Female, Anon

"I just wanted to say a huge 'thank you' to my therapist. I don't know how I would have coped over the last few months if it were not for her wisdom, advice and humour. Her knowledge and understanding of how to support someone with autism has not only given me insight into somebody else's way of thinking but helped me to feel that I could cope. When I have been struggling to understand, she has explained concepts and behaviours with such clarity and simplicity that it has made sense of what seemed impossible for me to understand. She has been consistently sympathetic, honest and kind. She has kept me grounded and she has kept me sane and I am extremely grateful."


Mari Aldridge was very, very good. I don't think I could have seen a better consultant, I want to give my very good thanks to her. Once again thank you very much.

Male, R.C.

"Your therapist took me on as a client, when I was at a very low point in my life. I had been diagnosed with high functioning ASD (Asperger's Syndrome) aged 25 and was suffering with depression, severe anxiety and unable to work. We met regularly for about one year and I was always comfortable talking to her and I never felt that she would give up on me, despite my 'glass half empty' mentality.
There have been plenty of ups and downs, and I still suffer with anxiety, but I'm in full time work now and coping with things that I didn't think possible. My therapist helped me to go forward."


"Thanks, EMDR has been life changing. I no longer have flashbacks, panic attacks or ruminating negative self beliefs regarding my past traumas"

Female, Anon

"My therapist provided excellent support and advice and good clear direction for us at a difficult time. I was really impressed by her expertise in autism and the practical benefits this provided"


Thank you for helping me not to lose faith, I'm overcoming barriers as a result of our therapy and have the courage to believe in myself again, I could not have got here without your support.

Male, Anon

Linda: The input from you in the last 18 months has got my daughter to this much better place today. I cannot thank you enough for your calm expertise.


"I want to thank you for helping us as a family and to rebuild a shadow of a boy to a confident and maturing teenager"

Ms C

Mari: I wanted to write and say thanks for the guidance you gave me through my CBT sessions. I honestly feel like a different person. Your sessions have made me understand myself much better, which has made everyday life much easier as I don't battle with my thoughts, and I see the positives so much more. I have learnt to actually live my life, rather than exist. The best bit is, because I am more calm and accepting, those around me benefit as I don't panic and make bad choices. As I am able to control my worrying better, lots of opportunities are opening up - I just wish I had seen you years ago!

N. B. Taunton

I first met Debbie many months ago when I started experiencing severe anxiety. At first I was nervous about seeing a psychologist but Debbie quickly put me at ease, and very soon it was like talking to a friend. Debbie was able to get me to see how my personality drove my thoughts in a particular direction, and how I could change that process to ease my anxiety. I would highly recommend Debbie and her colleagues at PPCT.

Ms D, Devon

Mari: I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you for changing my life and my family's life for the better, it can't be an easy job at all but you kept me alive until I could live for myself again. Nobody else would/could understand what that means.


When I first went to see Debbie I was at the lowest point I had ever been in my life and kept telling myself “this shouldn’t be happening to me” and “I’m meant to be the strong one”. I was petrified to go, was a big thing even to leave the house let alone to see a stranger to confess that I was losing the plot. Debbie instantly made me feel less ill at ease and she had the most amazing ability of drawing out of me old problems I didn’t ever think bothered me.
I have learnt to know my triggers, when I need to sit back, to take stock and say, ok, you can deal with this and I refer back to a passage I read on the recommendation of Debbie, basically I now “treat life like a salami, take it in bite sized chunks, don’t try to eat it all at once, your brain will get indigestion!”

Ms R, Somerset

I trusted you with my darkest secrets, you never gave up and I'm now not alone with the darkness.


I had an initial consultation with Patricia Stewart and I am writing to share that it was very useful. She has given me several different avenues to explore at a time when I didn't know where to go with the issue.
The meeting was beneficial due to Patricia taking the time to understand the problem and even talking to my six year old son in the process. The open conversation allowed me to see how we can make immediate changes. From our conversation, I could quickly gather how experienced Patrica is in this field which gave me great confidence. My son took a very quick liking to her and actually told her how relaxed he felt talking about an issue that normally causes worry.
I am sure you will see us again as I've received a fantastic impression of Prometheus.


I came to this practice from a place of suspecting I had post-traumatic stress disorder as an underlying cause for the sudden onset of hyperacusis. Being assessed by Dr Deeley confirmed quite a severe diagnosis and she quickly assured me there were treatments available, which was a great relief for me. I immediately felt in safe hands so starting a course of EMDR seemed like the next logical step to healing. I am so glad I took that journey with Linda. After what felt like a lifetime of not listening to my body, and allowing the past traumas to remain unprocessed, I was amazed and slightly spooked by how quickly the treatment allowed me to feel traumas stored by my body. Those pains were released and processed so gently, I will be forever grateful for those sessions in which I could release difficult experiences of domestic abuse, familial trauma, the difficulties of living abroad and working with people displaced by war in conflict-affected areas. I found in Linda the great combination of talking with the wise, kind listener, processing with a doctor, and assembling an arsenal of tools to cope with difficulty in the future with a caregiver.
One month on from starting treatment I already feel a revolutionary shift in the way I cope with difficult situations. Things are not always easy but accepting that has made things easier in itself. Learning to choose the kinder path has changed so much. Perhaps most notably I feel like I came back to myself and a core of resilience that was shrouded but not damaged by trauma. Listening to my body, and inner advisor, is a practice I will endeavour to take with me through life.
Thank you.