Fee Schedule 2021

Counsellor£50.00-£55.00 per 50-60 minute session
CBT & CAT Psychotherapist£70.00-85.00 per 50-60 minute session
Systemic Psychotherapist£80.00-£100.00 per 60 minute session
Child & Adolescent Clinical Psychologist£100.00-£120.00 per 50-60 minute session
Adult Clinical Psychologist£100.00-£120.00 per 50-60 minute session
Consultant Psychiatrist£150.00 for a psychiatric assessment.

Please note:

  • Fees for group work and intensive therapy are priced separately.
  • Fee for OCD intensive therapy is priced at £125.00 for initial Assessment and £1,595.00 for 20 hours over 5 days plus four 1 hour follow up sessions.
  • Fee for Family Therapy which includes two therapists is priced at £150.00 and sessions are held once every two weeks.
  • As initial assessments form part of treatment, these are also charged at an hourly rate.
  • The clinical psychologists and psychotherapists are registered with most health insurance companies.
  • Some reduced rates are available depending upon circumstances.