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Angus: "I want to thank you for helping us as a family and to rebuild a shadow of a boy to a confident and maturing teenager"
Ms C
Mari: I wanted to write and say thanks for the guidance you gave me through my CBT sessions. I honestly feel like a different person. Your sessions have made me understand myself much better, which has made everyday life much easier as I don't battle with my thoughts, and I see the positives so much more. I have learnt to actually live my life, rather than exist. The best bit is, because I am more calm and accepting, those around me benefit as I don't panic and make bad choices. As I am able to control my worrying better, lots of opportunities are opening up - I just wish I had seen you years ago!
N. B. Taunton
I first met Debbie many months ago when I started experiencing severe anxiety. At first I was nervous about seeing a psychologist but Debbie quickly put me at ease, and very soon it was like talking to a friend. Debbie was able to get me to see how my personality drove my thoughts in a particular direction, and how I could change that process to ease my anxiety. I would highly recommend Debbie and her colleagues at PPCT.
Ms D, Devon
Mari: I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you for changing my life and my family's life for the better, it can't be an easy job at all but you kept me alive until I could live for myself again. Nobody else would/could understand what that means.
When I first went to see Debbie I was at the lowest point I had ever been in my life and kept telling myself “this shouldn’t be happening to me” and “I’m meant to be the strong one”. I was petrified to go, was a big thing even to leave the house let alone to see a stranger to confess that I was losing the plot. Debbie instantly made me feel less ill at ease and she had the most amazing ability of drawing out of me old problems I didn’t ever think bothered me. I have learnt to know my triggers, when I need to sit back, to take stock and say, ok, you can deal with this and I refer back to a passage I read on the recommendation of Debbie, basically I now “treat life like a salami, take it in bite sized chunks, don’t try to eat it all at once, your brain will get indigestion!”
Ms R, Somerset