Dr Ben Charnaud

Consultant Adult, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Qualifications: MBBs, BCh, MRCPsych

Availability:   Monday, on-line only.


Dr Ben Charnaud qualified in 1972 and has been a Consultant Psychiatrist for over 30 years.  He has worked as a general Adult Psychiatrist, Rehabilitation Psychiatrist, Substance misuse Psychiatrist and in Psychotherapy.  He has Specialist experience in all four categories.   Dr Charnaud completed a degree in psychology before training as a doctor and working for the NHS between 1972 and 2016.  Since this time, Dr Charnaud has held an Honorary Consultant post in the NHS, in Cornwall.

Dr Charnaud has been a Consultant since the early 1980s and he has worked as a Consultant in the fields of general adult psychiatry, rehabilitation, addictions, child and adolescent psychiatry but always with a special interest in psychotherapy and staff psychological health.  Between 1991 and 2016 Dr Charnaud ran a service for supporting NHS doctors and other healthcare professionals which saw about 2000 cases during that time, prior to it being privatised. He currently continues to support staff in NHS in General Practice and in Hospital settings and does some work with trauma based therapy for adolescents in residential care in the Republic of Ireland.

Dr Charnaud has trained in a variety of psychotherapy interventions including psychodynamic, family therapy, Gestalt and psychodrama.  More recently he has specialised in trauma informed therapy based upon the developing work in understanding the neuropsychological basis of psychotherapy from research carried out by Dr Dan Siegel, Dr Bessel van der Kolk and Dr Gabor Matè and Dr Stephen Porges, in the USA and Canada.

Dr Charnaud offers psychiatric assessments based on a psychoeducation model of the underlying problem and also more formal psychiatric opinions if required.  He currently works on a limited part-time basis and is able to work using virtual platforms as well as face-to-face when appropriate.