Craig Shirley Integrative Psychotherapist and OCD Specialist

Craig Shirley

Integrative Psychotherapist and OCD Specialist

Qualifications: Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Integrative counselling – Psychology Bsc Hons – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Diploma

CPD: Practising Mind sight, A Personal Development and Stress Management course by Dan Siegel (full course) – Mindfulness based CBT – Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT) – Meditation and Mindfulness


After having first hand experience of OCD and anxiety, Craig decided to make it a life long goal to undergo training as a therapist so that he could support others in taking the necessary steps to overcome the disorder. Specialising primarily in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and generalised anxiety, Craig works with clients, through ongoing support, therapy and education to aid the recovery process.

In 2004 Craig spent some time working with both Mind and OCD Action, helping to facilitate OCD support groups and running conference calls for people that struggled with a vast array of anxiety disorders. As well as charity work, Craig has also spent time working within the media including the BBC and Channel 4 to help raise positive awareness of the condition, and to challenge the negative stigma that sometimes comes with OCD. In 2005 Craig was awarded the Mayors Young Special Persons Awards for outstanding contribution to raising awareness for OCD, as well as earning an award from the University of the West of England for his contribution to working with OCD support groups within the UK.

After qualifying as a Psychotherapist, Craig decided to specialise in working solely with clients that suffer from OCD. Since, Craig has helped many sufferers of the condition, from those that experience mild symptoms, to the most severe, getting their lives back on track.

Craig currently spends most of his time working with clients both via Prometheus Psychological Centre, and on an international basis. As well as attending many conferences with some of the leading experts in the field of OCD, Craig has also travelled around the country educating many professionals including doctors, counsellors and students about OCD.

Currently a member of the BACP, Craig is passionate about working professionally, ethically and confidentially, so that all clients feel that they are in a safe space, that offers a deep understanding of the condition through first hand experience, empathy and congruence.