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Angus Crutchfield

Systemic (Family) Psychotherapist

Qualifications: BSc (Econ) LES, CQSW University of Birmingham, CCETSW Practice Teaching Award, Post Grad Diploma in Family Therapy and Systemic Practice

Accreditation and registered: UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) Member, Association of Family Therapy

Tel: 07791 774665  Email:

Availability: Daytime and evening sessions by arrangements.

As a Systemic Psychotherapist, Angus places at least equal emphasis on attending to the relationships between people important to family members as to what is going on for and within the individuals concerned. Angus strives to open-up refreshingly new and imaginative discourses that review what has been going on in the lives of troubled people in an effort to explore new possibilities for the time ahead. 

Angus has a lifetime of working with families well consolidated and from which to base his practice. He has worked in multiple contexts with determination to help people to obtain a better grip on their personal resources for the benefit of not only the individual concerned but for the people with whom that individual has meaning. Angus offers professional supervision and values the experience of discussing clinical presentations when appropriate.

Angus is experienced at working independently with people across the age range. He worked as a senior clinician in CAMHS for many years and has specialist experience in working with people within the context of post-adoption trauma and children ‘with difference’. Angus also has experience as a parent, step-in parent, foster carer, a builder and as an avid internationalist. He brings his multiple perspectives into the therapy room as resources for the people is privileged to work with. He is less inclined to follow the ‘labels’ sometimes ascribed to people; rather, he skilfully hones his practice to fit the circumstances that present to him. Angus is used to linking and networking with schools and colleges when this is indicated.

Angus accepts referrals from case-holders working with insurance companies, the legal profession, local authorities, sister-professionals and self-referrals. He works usually as a singleton professional but can link with appropriate others within the Prometheus network to provide a ‘fuller’ systemic model as and when appropriate – often in complex couples-focussed work. Both duration and frequency of sessions vary: some systemic psychotherapy can be very short-term (even a single session); sometimes a course of several sessions over several months is found to be beneficial.