Psychiatric Assessment (Child & Adult)

At Prometheus both child and adolescent, and adult psychiatric assessment/diagnosis is available.  Our expert consultant psychiatrist works alongside our clinical psychologists and psychotherapists and covers a wide range of mental health services.

An initial psychiatric evaluation, a second opinion or medication review is available whereby our consultant will discuss with you a possible diagnosis along with options in regard to ongoing treatment plans; these may incorporate medication and/or psychological therapy.

Our consultant can offer appointments that fit for you and can be carried out remotely if deemed appropriate to do so.   Appointment length will be dependent upon your needs where you will be gently asked to explain the difficulties you experience in order to allow our consultant to gain sufficient information to form their expert opinion.  You will receive a brief summary letter which is included in any initial assessment as well as this being copied to your GP.  Any additional report may be subject to a separate service, so please make enquiries to

Fees for psychiatric assessment:  Our consultant psychiatrist offers a bespoke service at Prometheus Psychological Therapy Centre, so if you would like to learn about specific fees for a psychiatric assessment which suits your needs, please contact

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