Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Autism is a developmental condition and can cause a number of difficulties for individuals, particularly in terms of how they may communicate and interact with others. There is a wide range of possible symptoms and this is why an expert in the assessment of Autism is important. One of our experienced clinical psychologists at Prometheus can help identify the difficulties someone may be having as part of this condition, such as:

  • social issues
  • sleeping issues
  • unexpected behaviour in social situations
  • a preoccupation with particular topics or interests
  • a lack of empathy
  • behavioural issues
  • severe anxiety
  • delayed speech
  • repetitive speech or motion.

These symptoms can usually be evident in childhood but may change as the individual gets older and the traits are not always obvious.

Diagnosis and Support

The specialist clinicians at Prometheus offer both Adult and Child ASD assessments and will discuss with you the implications of a diagnosis. The costs of such assessments vary due to the range of options available, such as how detailed the report would need to be, or how much additional work is required, such as observations of a child, particularly if liaison with other professionals is needed to obtain additional assessments such as sensory and/ or cognitive assessments.

There are package options when more than one family member is requiring an assessment, as information can be gathered on each family member during the same process.  The ASD package fee includes feedback sessions and can also include post diagnostic sessions (at an additional charge).  The steps for assessment include:

  • A screening assessment is completed. If autistic traits are identified, then a full assessment will be considered after discussing the pros and cons of diagnosis.
  • Assessment of developmental history.
  • Completion of the ADOS-2 (a specialist tool used in the assessment of ASD).
  • The information is analysed and is discussed with you as well as a discussion surrounding the recommendations.
  • A final diagnostic report is then provided.

Assessments are usually carried out within 3 weeks from when a referral is made.  As the assessments are bespoke, the fee for the package is an estimation of approximately £800.00-£1,200.00.  Post-diagnostic sessions are charged at £100.00 per hour.




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