Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

At Prometheus, both adult and child ADHD assessments/diagnosis is available.  ADHD is a behavioural disorder characterised by a combination of difficulties with inattentiveness, restlessness and impulsivity.  Although many people experience these kinds of difficulties to some degree, for individuals with ADHD the symptoms tend to have a big impact on their daily life including their relationships.  ADHD can also impact on self-esteem, personal well-being, relationships with others and work performance. One of our specially trained and experienced clinical psychologists at Prometheus can assess for the signs of ADHD, which include:

  • Difficulty focusing on or paying attention to tasks
  • Struggling to manage time effectively
  • Mood swings or difficulties managing feelings such as anger or frustration
  • Easily distracted or unable to concentrate
  • Impulsiveness
  • Difficulties with organisation
  • Forgetfulness
  • Anxiety

Diagnosis and Treatment 

There is no single test, screening tool or ADHD assessment for identifying the condition, so it is vital that you are assessed by an experienced clinical psychologist or psychiatrist to provide a diagnosis. Here at Prometheus the clinical psychologist will undertake a full ADHD assessment which will include information about your physical health, family history, your symptoms and the impact these are having on your life.  The clinical psychologist will also give consideration to any co-existing difficulties such as anxiety or other mood disorders so that treatment and support can be identified.   In this way a treatment plan/symptom management plan will be tailored to your difficulties.

Possible treatment routes include medication to target specific symptoms, psychological intervention (e.g. CBT) and lifestyle adaptations. A combination of these is usually most effective.

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