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Psychiatric assessment

Private Psychiatry Service based in Taunton

The consultant psychiatrist at Prometheus Psychological Therapy Centre is there to provide expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness.

The consultant psychiatrist can offer a psychiatric assessment to determine the patient’s psychological state, diagnose a psychiatric illness and propose a treatment plan which may include prescribed medication. In this way, the patient is supported in their recovery.

You don’t need a referral if you think a psychiatric assessment may be useful to you or a loved one. Our Taunton based consultant is aware that seeing a psychiatrist can feel daunting, but she will help you feel relaxed in your first appointment and explain the approaches she may take.

Dr Annette Downey, Consultant Psychiatrist, has many years experience helping adults with complex mental health problems.  She is able to provide comprehensive psychiatric assessments and medication reviews.  Please contact Dr Downey directly through email at: for any further information or bookings.

Any treatment for a psychiatric or psychological illness can take some time and some conditions may need to be managed long-term.