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Personal and Executive Coaching service

Personal and Executive Coaching service

Our Personal and Executive Coaching service provides a creative space for you to explore new ways of thinking and approaching situations in order to make the changes you wish for in your life either at home or in the workplace. The experienced coach will work with you to identify your goals and enable you to find your own ways of achieving them.

Is coaching for me?

Coaching can be for anyone who is feeling stuck and looking to improve their performance, their social skills, their resourcefulness, confidence and resilience. If you have ever felt that you are holding yourself back and need some help in taking the next step forward then coaching is for you.

What to expect

Working on an one to one basis with an experienced coach you will explore the obstacles that may be effecting your performance or ability to move forward. Coaching is based on non-directive questioning enabling the person being coached to find their own meaningful solutions and develop their own goal orientated action plans. Most sessions last about one hour and usually 6 sessions are needed to see effective change in action.


The coaches at Prometheus bring their extensive  knowledge and expertise into your coaching experience.